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DSP Item: Non-Monetary Agreement-Other [-NO]


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This DSP Item type is used for Non-Monetary Agreements that do not readily fit into other defined categories.

Sponsor: [??]
Prime Sponsor: [??]

All types of DSP Items that refer to "Non-Monetary" Agreements (Including Material Transfer Agreements (MTA)):

Confidential Disclosure Agreement [-NC]
Incoming fun

Data Use Agreement [-ND]

Master Agreement [-NA]
Incoming .

Material Transfer Agreement [-NM]
Contract negotiat.

Non-Monetary Agreement-Other [-NO]
For a grant or con

DSP Item Number - Format for a MASTER AGREEMENT

Example:  D2013042245-NO

What information is contained in this record number?


D = DSP Item Record

2013 = Year Record was created

04 = Month Record was created

2= Record created in the Grant Application & Awards Editor  
      [Other types: 2=Contract Log editor; 3=Subaward Editor; 4=form/other request]

245 = Unique Record number

NO = Non-Monetary Agreement-Other (N=Non-Monetary; O="Other" in Non-Monetary Agreement-Other)