The University of Iowa

Attention Microsoft Office 2007 Users Regarding Applications

Microsoft Office 2007 File Attachments will cause Applications to be Rejected

The new version of Microsoft Word (Microsoft Office 2007) saves documents with a new file extension -- .DOCX -- that cannot process. Applications with .DOCX file extensions will be rejected.

To avoid this potentially serious complication, be sure to use Microsoft Word attachments that end in .DOC. To do this in Microsoft Word 2007, select Save as Type and choose the MS Word 2003 file version, which is the version ending in .DOC.

Similarly, use Microsoft Office 2003 file extensions for Excel and other Microsoft Office 2007 files, to prevent rejection of your proposal by

Note that, for NIH applications, all file attachments must be in .PDF format, so you would never attach a Microsoft Word file of any version to an NIH application.

Other granting agencies that use, though, do permit Microsoft Word attachments, but must, as noted here, use the 2003 version with .DOC extension.