The University of Iowa


Questions to Consider before Beginning an Application

Eligibility Requirements of Sponsor   

  • Organizational Status: Must the organization be an officially incorporated nonprofit with a Board of Directors and officially recorded by-laws? 
  •  Tax Status: Must the organization have its 501 (c3) Tax Exempt ID Number from the IRS at application time or award time?
  • Qualifications Status: Does the organization meet all other qualifications such as, amount of income received and/or expended, located within funded geographic area?                               

Funding Issues

  • Sponsor Priorities:–Is there a match between organization and sponsor priorities? 
  • Amount of Funding: What is the minimum amount essential for funding the proposal and can a single sponsor provide the funds if the proposal is successful?
  • Funding Period:– Does the sponsor have limitations on the amount of time allowed for completion of a funded proposal?
  • Organizational Capacity:  Is the organization ready to manage sponsor funds with responsibility to ensure results promised in the proposal?

 Timing Issues

  • Timing of Funding:  When is the funding needed and how long will it take to get the proposed project up and running if funded?
  • Critical Dates: Can proposal components be prepared to meet the sponsor's funding calendar requirements (e.g., preliminary and full proposal due dates)?
  • Response Time: When will the sponsor review the proposal and notify your organization of its answer? 

Sponsor Issues

  • Staffing: Does the sponsor have professional staff to oversee funding initiatives? 
  •  Pre-submission Communications: Will the sponsor permit communications with the sponsor's staff prior to submitting a proposal for review, and if so, what is the preferred channel of communication (e.g., email, telephone)?
  • Assistance Available: Will sponsor staff review proposal narrative drafts and budgets? If yes, under what circumstances and on what schedule?