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Contract Metrics

The amount of time it takes to complete a research contract greatly varies. Some contracts are routine; others are complex and may require input from several offices on campus. As important, the amount of time it takes a sponsor to respond to the university’s proposed changes is almost completely beyond our control.

Nevertheless, the Division of Sponsored Programs is able to report on the average amount of time it takes to negotiate several types of contracts. The office captures data on the time it takes to reach certain benchmarks in the process. The following charts show that data and changes to the average numbers over time. Always remember that an average is just that, and may not reflect your individual experience.

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Turn-around Time to Significant Process Points

Contract Turnaround Metrics

Time is calculated from the OK to Start Date, which is the date that DSP has all the requisite information needed to start processing an agreement.
* Back to Sponsor encompasses the time DSP needs to review the agreement and formulate a response or, in some cases where the agreement doesn't require a response, finalize the agreement. It can also include time with other campus offices and/or the PI if questions need to be addressed prior to sending a response to the Sponsor.
* Negotiations Complete encompasses the time to negotiate an agreement, including time with the Sponsor and/or time with the PI.
* Ready to Award is date at which the agreement can be awarded and sent to Grant Accounting. Various approvals, such as for human or animal research, can delay the final approval.