The University of Iowa

Copying and Mailing Deadlines

Provided time allows, the Division of Sponsored Programs will copy and mail your paper application without cost to you or your department. To allow time for such services, you must observe the following deadlines:

Internal Routing Deadline

  • Per University of Iowa policy, applications must be fully completed, routed, and submitted to the Division of Sponsored Programs at least five business days before the funding agency's submission deadline. To meet this deadline, departments and colleges may establish their own internal deadlines in advance of the DSP deadline. Please be sure to learn and observe all internal deadlines -- departmental, collegiate, and DSP. As a general rule, investigators should plan to finish their applications 7-14 business days in advance of the sponsor's submission deadline.
    • Note regarding paper forms requiring signature: Per University policy implemented in 2007, paper applications and other forms requiring signature should be routed and delivered to DSP, 2 Gilmore Hall, during posted business hours and will be processed in the order received. Therefore, applicants are no longer able to obtain an immediate signature, but will be notified once forms have been reviewed and signed on behalf of the university authorizing official.

Copying Service Deadline

Those abiding by the internal routing deadline, ensuring the application reaches the Division of Sponsored at least five business days in advance of the sponsor submission deadline, will have the option of requesting DSP copying service, whereby DSP will obtain the required paper copies free of charge.

Mailing Considerations

To facilitate a successful mailing, please also note the following cautions:

  • Please supply a complete street address and phone number on the UI Routing Form. Note that DSP uses a courier delivery service that cannot accommodate a P.O. box address.
  • Courier Delivery Disclaimer
    Overnight couriers, including the one utilized by DSP, make reasonable efforts but do not guarantee delivery of packages at the specified time and place. As a general rule, the declared value of packages is $100. In the event of the loss, damage, misdelivery, or no delivery of any such package, the courier will provide compensation for damages in an amount not to exceed $100. Because most sponsors require strict adherence to deadline dates, refusing all late applications, we remind you of the severe consequences in the event of shipping mistakes. We urge you to (a) follow the specific mailing guidelines in the program solicitation; and (b) allow a generous buffer of time when routing proposals through the required UI channels so that, following review and authorization, proposals can be mailed at least two days prior to the deadline date. This will allow an extra day, should mistakes or other misfortunes delay delivery.