The University of Iowa

eRouting Pilot

The University of Iowa eRouting pilot involves phased testing of a fully electronic, Workflow-based routing system. The pilot implementation began within a single college and has gradually extended to a number of colleges, centers, and units. Each phase has resulted in constructive feedback and system refinements that have, in turn, enabled us to extend an improved system to a broader research community. Our goal is to achieve campus-wide implementation early in FY 2012.

If you are new to the eRouting pilot, welcome! As orientation and guidance, we encourage you to give a careful review and make regular use of the following documents:

Because eRouting makes use of the UI’s Workflow system, participants must also be aware of these considerations: 

  1. Quality Control through Workflow
    The Division of Sponsored Programs will rely on the principal investigator and his/her departmental administrator to assist with quality control, ensuring DSP receives all intended information and attachments. Therefore, please:
    • Track the eRouting form through the Workflow process; and
    • Contact the DSP Helpdesk at 335-2123 one day after the eRouting form has been approved in Workflow, to confirm the information has reached DSP for processing.
  2. Accuracy of Workflow Paths
    It is essential to establish and confirm accurate Workflow paths for approving the eRouting form. If the form encounters an incorrect Workflow path within the originating or a collaborating department, it will not travel beyond the principal investigator. Instead, the PI will receive an error message and the routing deemed invalid; this will require the initiator to start from scratch, completing and submitting a completely new form once paths have been corrected. We are seeking a solution that will enable the PI to re-use the completed form with corrected path, but in the meantime urge PIs to verify their own Workflow paths and ensure any collaborating departments have established appropriate paths before submitting the eRouting form.
  3. Interdepartmental Workflow Paths
    At this pilot testing phase, eRouting forms can be initiated only within the participating departments and colleges. Proposals involving inter-departmental collaborations, though, could bring non-pilot departments, and possibly other colleges, into the eRouting path. It is critical, then, that all departments – whether directly participating in a pilot phase or not – establish a valid Workflow path for approving the eRouting forms. To facilitate this process, we are developing eRouting-specific Workflow instructions and are available to assist with any questions.

It is our goal to make the eRouting form and process as intuitive and friendly as possible, and we greatly value your input on any points for improvement. We invite and encourage you to submit eRouting feedback at any point as we evaluate and transition to this electronic system. Should an urgent issue arise, please call us at 335-2123 for immediate assistance.