The University of Iowa

eRouting at UI

As outlined in the institutional Routing Policy, The University of Iowa requires its faculty, staff, and students to channel external funding requests and related documents through departmental, collegiate, and central administrative offices for review and approval before submitting such documents to an external funding source for consideration. Documents must be accompanied by a UI Proposal Routing Form that, when fully completed, provides essential information on the proposed projects and those who would direct and participate in them. Originally a paper-based process requiring a printed Routing Form to be hand-carried for inked signatures, the UI now offers a fully electronic alternative -- a process we refer to as eRouting.

eRouting makes use of the UI's existing Workflow system, where documents can be electronically channeled to specific individuals for review and approval, traveling the specific path established by a particular department. An eRouting Form is initiated online, and must then be approved by the Principal Investigator, Department Head, and Collegiate Dean before reaching UI's Division of Sponsored Programs for processing. eRouting is designed to facilitate the funding application process, offering an easier way to secure the required authorizations. For guidelines on this process, please visit the eRouting Form and Process page.

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