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Funding Databases

The University of Iowa subscribes to several databases for information on funding opportunities. All databases are fairly intuitive but none is all-inclusive.  You may search each database by keyword and additional fields such as type of award, type of project, etc. All databases include easy-to-use "Help" links.

If you are a UI faculty or staff or undergraduate student, you may contact the Division of Sponsored Programs to request individual instruction on how to search for external funding -- contacting Oliva Smith, 335-3708. Your training can be provided via email or at your office or location convenient for you.  If you are University of Iowa faculty, we will also search for funding for your project if you send an abstract or paragraph describing your project to or fill out and submit the form found here.

If you are a graduate or professional student, please see Graduate and Professional Student Resources.

Grant Bulletin - a free online publication of funding opportunities for University faculty, staff and students. Join the Grant Bulletin Listserv to receive new postings each week.

SUBSCRIPTION DATABASES  - SPIN, GrantForward and Grant Advisor are access only; please see bottom of this page for instructions on logging in from off-campus with HawkID/password. If you have questions about any of the funding databases, please contact Oliva Smith.

The InfoEd-SPIN database offers active searching for funding opportunities and the option to receive daily or weekly funding opportunity alerts via email.

Search SPIN without logging in For tips on how to enhance your search, please see the “Help” link in the upper right as well as How to search SPIN (link opens Word doc).

Have funding alerts sent directly to you via SPIN-SMARTS. You must first log in to SPIN to save your search(es) before you can set up SMARTS funding alerts. 

Log in at or log in from the SPIN search page via the “Sign In” link in the upper right corner.

New to SPIN? Create your profile and Save.  After you are logged in (your name appears at the top right of the page), configure a search in SPIN. Please see How to search SPIN (link opens Word doc). 

Set up Funding Alerts: Once you have configured keywords and preference filters, click [Locate Funding] to first run the search and the [Save] button (which appears on the right) to save the search criteria—not the results. Next, in the upper banner, use the “Saved Searches” dropdown menu to select “Manage Saved Searches” and then “Save and Continue” to find the “Save Current Search” screen. Here you name this search and elect to receive email updates via Plain Text or HTML and select frequency of Daily or Weekly.  Finally click [Save Changes]. Immediately the upper right corner will display a green box: “Search has been saved.” You can expect to receive SMARTS funding alerts to via email within 2 days. 

If you think you already have a SPIN log in profile, or you need additional assistance, please contact the SPIN Administrator in DSP at or by phone at 335-3708.

Grant Advisor Plus - a newsletter with database searches in an easy-to-use web interface. New content is added once a month; a red + indicates new item posted in current month's newsletter.

GrantForward  allows basic and advanced searches (formerly IRIS Illinois Researcher Information Service).

Additional resources to search for funding-related information:

Accessing University of Iowa subscription-based resources from off-campus computers:

Log in using HawkID/password to University of Iowa Virtual Desktop or copy/paste .

Funding Databases page. Database access to GrantForward, SPIN and Grant Advisor Plus is now available.