The University of Iowa

HRSA - Internal UI Submission Deadlines

The UI Division of Sponsored Programs (DSP) has established an internal UI deadline of five business days prior to the HRSA  application deadline for the applicant to 100% COMPLETE all of the following steps.  After that internal deadline, UI DSP cannot guarantee the success of the application process.

Departments and Colleges may impose additional deadlines, requiring completion of steps 1 &2 in advance of this 5 business day deadline.  Check with your own department and college to see if an additional internal UI deadline has been imposed. 

Five business day prior to the HRSA deadline:

  1. Complete your Cayuse/ application (and/or HRSA eHB component, if required) on-line. 
    "Complete" means 100% finished and ready for submission, if no additional corrections are found by UI DSP.  (If the Cayuse/ step and the HRSA eHB step have two different deadlines, you may complete only the material for the first deadline.   For the second deadline, the five business day internal ui deadline for 100% completion applies, five days prior to the second deadline.)
  2. Route a copy of the proposal (at least the Cover Page and Budget) using the UI UIRIS Routing Form
    (If the Cayuse/ step and the HRSA eHB step have two different deadlines, you may route the material for the first deadline only.  The five business day internal UI deadline for completion of he second component applies to the second deadline as well, but you do NOT have to route the second component - usually a HRSA eHB component.  Instead of UI UIRIS Routing, send a copy via e-mail to both and )

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