The University of Iowa

Investigator-Initiated Clinical Trials

You may have a great idea for a clinical or preclinical trial. It's not big enough to pursue an NIH grant, but it would be nice to get some external funding for the project. Call the Division of Sponsored Programs at 335-2123 and tell us about your idea. We have industry contacts to whom we can present your idea. If they are interested in the project, we can negotiate a contract to fund the trial.

We can also help you to negotiate the best possible contract to protect the intellectual property, discoveries, and inventions that may result from the study. The University's approach to intellectual property in investigator-initiated studies is to retain ownership and to offer the sponsor an exclusive option to license, develop, and commercialize the invention. If needed, DSP will involve a patent attorney at the UI Research Foundation to assist with negotiation of the intellectual property section of the contract.