The University of Iowa

Know the Details

To ensure a timely and competitive application, you should be aware of certain critical pieces of information when considering a sponsor. Before you begin an application, make sure you know:

  1. Eligibility Requirements of Sponsor

    • Tax Status – Must the organization have its 501 (c3) Tax Exempt ID Number from the IRS at application time or award time?
    • Organizational Status – Must the organization be an officially incorporated non-profit with a Board of Directors and officially recorded By-laws? 
    • Qualifications Status – Does the organization meet all other qualifications such as, amount of income received
  2. Funding Availability  

    • Sponsor Priorities
    • Timing of Funding
    • Amount of Funding
    • Stage of Development of the Organization or Program When Seeking Funding
  3. Critical Dates  

    • When is the Preliminary Proposal or Letter of Intent to Apply Due? 
    • When is the Full Proposal Due – Receipt or Postmark? 
    • What is the Time Schedule for Review? 
    • What is the Notification of Result Date? 
    • What is the Start Date of a Funded Proposal? 
    • What is the Initial Budget Period? 
    • What is the Total Project Period?
  4. Sponsor Communications

    • Can You Call or E-mail the Program Officer with Questions? 
    • Will the Program Officer Review Proposal Drafts? 
    • Will the Program Officer Review Project Budgets?