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Financial Conflict of Interest:
New Certification Requirements Effective August 24

In response to new federal regulations, all UI project directors and key personnel must file an annual certification to disclose or dispel any financial Conflict of Interest before they may apply for sponsored project funding. Effective August 24, 2012, the Division of Sponsored Programs cannot authorize a grant or fellowship application or begin a contract negotiation until and unless the PD/PI and all other key participants have completed the required certification. DSP is unable to authorize exceptions.

This policy will be enforced through the UI routing system, which will communicate with the UI's electronic Conflict-of-Interest (eCOI) system, preventing the Routing Form from advancing until all key persons have completed the required certification. The Division of Sponsored Programs is prohibited from authorizing any application/contract until the COI certification has been completed and the fully approved Routing Form reaches its office. Likewise, the Institutional Review Board is unable to consider human subject protocols in the absence of COI certification.

To prevent any delay in your proposal submission, contract negotiation, or IRB application, we urge you complete the required certification immediately, if possible, and certainly prior to August 24. You may do so online, at

Additional information on the UI Conflict of Interest policy is available through the COI website at Questions on the eCOI certification/disclosure process should be directed to the UI’s Conflict of Interest in Research Staff:

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