The University of Iowa

New Option for eRouting Non-Monetary Agreements

The DSP is pleased to announce that, as of February 18, 2013, the current MTA & Non-Monetary Agreements Routing Form, which requires manual routing and inked signatures, will be retired and replaced by a new UIRIS-based system offering paper and electronic routing options. 

With the February 18 implementation, the UIRIS main menu will include a revised Non-Monetary Agreement (includes MTAs) Routing Form – Workflow or Paper link to this new routing system. The system will be familiar to anyone acquainted with the parent UI Proposal Routing Form system, following the very same process: 

(1)   The INITIATOR will complete the Non-Monetary Agreement Routing Form in UIRIS, electing to either print the form for inked approvals or to submit the form for electronic approvals through Workflow.

(2)   The e-approval process will follow the Workflow path established and maintained by the investigator’s DEPARTMENT; initially, the Non-Monetary Agreement Routing Form will follow the Department-approved path established for the UI Proposal Routing Form, but the Department may update that path as needed.

(3)   PRINCIPAL INVESTIGATOR, DEO, and DEAN approvals will be prompted by e-mail and provided via Workflow.

(4)   At any stage in the Workflow process, the INITIATOR or PI may cancel the e-routing, forfeiting e-approvals gathered to that point and electing to print and begin the paper routing process.

Be aware that, with this change, the current, paper-only Non-Monetary Routing Form link and corresponding forms will no longer be available through UIRIS. If, then, you require copies of previous Routing Forms, please be sure to copy them from the UIRIS site prior to February 18.

Special Note Concerning Confidential Disclosure Agreements related to Corporate-Funded Clinical Trials: With the February 18 implementation of this new e-routing option, a fully approved Non-Monetary Agreement Routing Form must reach DSP before we can review a Confidential Disclosure Agreement (CDA) in relation to a corporate funded clinical trial. Once the Non-Monetary Routing Form, as well as the CDA and all other required documents, reach DSP, we will promptly assign a reviewer.

If you have questions or comments about the new Non-Monetary Agreement (includes MTAs) Routing Form system, please contact us at or 335-2123.