The University of Iowa

Outgoing Subaward Roles and Responsibilities: Grant Accounting Office (GAO)


Grant Accounting Office (GAO)

Reviews the PReq

  • Reviews the PReq to:
    • Match the budget to the original budget included in the prime award (if applicable.) 
  • Verifies assignment of accounting master file key (MFK) including verifying institutional account 6230 or 6231.
  • Reviews Audit Certification and Financial Status Questionnaire if needed.
  • Returns PReq to DSP as “Permitted Approvers.”

Reviews Invoices

  • Verifies that required information has been included on the invoice.
  • Verifies total cumulative expenses do not exceed authorized budget.
  • Verifies invoice period is within subaward period.
  • Determines if $25,000 threshold has been met.
  • If over threshold, notify purchasing to change IAcct to “not subject to F&A.”
  • If final invoice, GAO will scan and send via email to department for approval.
  • GAO approves invoice for payment and routes to AP for processing.