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Resources for University of Iowa Faculty and Staff

Sponsored Programs Staff Directory - Questions?  Find the appropriate DSP staff member here. 

Grant Bulletin - Current funding opportunities and UI research news.

Submitting a Proposal at the University of Iowa - The UI's procedure for submitting, or "routing," research proposals.

Forms - Electronic forms from the University of Iowa and external funding agencies.

Application Form Information - Names, numbers, and other information frequently required on application forms.

Budget Information - Guidelines for developing your budget and rates and numbers to use in calculating costs.

Principal Investigator & Research Administrator Human Resources Management - This site is designed to help principal investigators and their project administrators in the financial and human resources management of grant and contract projects.

Resources for Principal Investigators - These are resources, such as the PI flow chart as well as the contract checklist.

Resources for University of Iowa Graduate Students

Resources for University of Iowa Undergraduate Students

Resources for Visitors

The University of Iowa Division of Sponsored Programs is located at:

2 Gilmore Hall
University of Iowa
Iowa City, IA 52242-1320

Phone (319) 335-2123
Fax (319) 335-2130

Our office is open from 8:00 to 5:00, central time.

Sponsored Programs Staff Directory - Find a Sponsored Programs staff member.

Contracts and Agreements with the University of Iowa - Click here for information about the UI's procedures for clinical trials, industry-sponsored research, contracts, material transfer agreements, confidential disclosure agreements, and subcontracts.

F&A Rates - The University of Iowa's federally negotiated rates for facilities and administrative costs.

University of Iowa Funding Watch - Generate a report to see the University of Iowa''s funding statistics for the current fiscal year. 

University of Iowa Information - General information about the University of Iowa, including news, descriptions of research units, rankings, and a personnel directory.