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Transferring Grants and Contracts to and from UI

Because grants and contracts are awarded to institutions, rather than directly to Principal Investigators, certain institutional procedures are required when a PI wishes to transfer funded work to a different institution. Generally, the original institution must formally relinquish the award and any remaining funding; the new institution must formally accept the award and associated terms and conditions; and the funding agency must approve the transfer to new institution. The specific procedures for  Transfers to the UI and for  Transfers from the UI are outlined in the sections below.

Transfers to the UI

Principal Investigators relocating to The University of Iowa and wishing to continue their sponsored projects may seek approval to transfer their active awards to UI. In such cases, PIs must notify the current institution and sponsoring agency as soon as possible, allowing time to complete institutional and agency-specific requirements in relation to the transfer request. The University of Iowa must be notified in a timely manner as well – at least ninety (90) days in advance of the desired transfer date whenever possible – and will work with the original institution and sponsoring agency to put approvals and arrangements in place. Specifically, investigators wishing to transfer awards to the UI must:

  • Submit a transfer request to the funding agency and complete any sponsor-specific requirements for closing the project at the original institution and securing approval for the transfer to UI.
  • Notify the current institution and complete any institution-specific requirements for transferring the award and associated equipment.
  • Contact the UI departmental research administrator for assistance with the process for approving the transfer and activating the award at UI.
    • Notify the department of any UI documentation or other materials required by the sponsor. 
    • Provide the department with contact information for communicating with the original institution and sponsoring agency. Likewise, ensure the original institution and sponsoring agency are provided UI contacts as well. 
    • Complete the  University of Iowa Routing Form, channeling the project application for departmental and collegiate approvals and processing through the Division of Sponsored Programs, 2 GILH.
      • Be sure the Routing Form describes any needs for additional space, personnel, or other institutional resources, and any requirements to fulfill cost-sharing commitments.  
      • Include a copy of the sponsor award notice and corresponding terms and conditions, seeking UI’s formal agreement to accept and oversee the award. 
      •  Initiate any required approvals for work involving human subjects, vertebrate animals, and any other compliance requirements. 
    Once institutional and sponsor approvals are formally in place, the UI will process the award and establish an account.

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 Transfers from the UI

Principal Investigators (PIs) leaving The University of Iowa may, in some instances, transfer externally funded projects to the new institution. PIs are largely responsible for the award-transfer process, and must: 

  • Initiate the process in a timely manner, submitting a transfer request to the funding agency and completing any sponsor-specific requirements.
  • Notify their departments and the Division of Sponsored Programs at least ninety days (90) in advance of the transfer to facilitate a smooth transition. 
  • Complete the  University of Iowa Grant Transfer Request Form; obtain concurring signatures; and forward the Form and appropriate attachments to the Division of Sponsored Programs, 2 GILH.
  • If the project is funded by NIH, complete the Projected Cumulative Directs Costs on NIH Award Being Relinquished Form and send with the University of Iowa Grant Transfer Request Form.  
  •  Arrange to subcontract a portion of the funded work, if desired and appropriate, to The University of Iowa.  
  • Address the issue of continued support of any UI graduate students and postdoctoral fellows supported under the work.  
  • Request transfer of associated equipment, if any, purchased under the award, completing the Title Transfer of University Equipment on the Property Management website.  
  • Arrange for the new institution to assume any cost-sharing obligations.  
  • Complete final reports to close the project at UI, including patent/invention reports, technical reports, and any other non-financial final reports required by the UI or sponsor. Note that the UI Grant Accounting Office will see to the financial reporting.  
  • Ensure the transfer is completed in accordance with all applicable federal, university, and sponsor regulations. 

UI Departmental Administrators are responsible for concluding transactions and making any necessary adjustments to award accounts for departing PIs.

The UI Grant Accounting Office conducts the final accounting and financial reporting and arranges the return or transfer of remaining funds in accordance with specific sponsor guidelines.

The UI Division of Sponsored Programs  reviews and endorses the non-financial paperwork involved with each grant/contract transfer.

Please be sure to review and follow  the full procedure for transferring grants and contracts from The University of Iowa. Please also be aware that each case is unique, so that additional information or procedures may sometimes be required.

Questions on the transfer process may be directed to the  DSP staff member assigned to the grant or contract.

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